The Fundamentals of Outbound Email Marketing Campaigns

With companies like PersistIQ, YesMail, QuickMail, and others, this past year has been a year where the topic of “outbound” email has caught the attention of more and more smart marketers. Traditionally, email marketing was done with lists that were either bought or acquired through SEO / paid advertising / etc…, and anything “outbound” (like finding CMOs to sell your new software to), was done by hunting and pecking on Google, then sending one-off, personal emails.

In many ways, those days have changed, and here at CLVboost we’ve seen “outbound email campaigns” become one of our most popular service offerings. From venture-backed marketing startups, to software companies, to natural grooming products sellers, we’ve been applying outbound marketing consistently over the past year, and have just recently put together a short video tutorial to explain:

  1. What “outbound email marketing” is
  2. How to construct and execute an effective outbound campaign for yourself

We even use a few examples of our own clients to help spurn your ideas. Watch below, and enjoy:

Your own marketing efforts might be bolstered by outbound email marketing if they meet these criterion:

  • Your prospects are of high dollar-value to your company (IE: you aren’t selling $7.00 T-shirts, you’re selling more expensive products or services with a potentially hefty customer lifetime value)
  • Your prospects can be found online via searching Google, industry databases, and other sources (legally, I’m not talking about hacking into proprietary systems, I’ve never done such a thing)

In such a case, it’s often more difficult to target paid advertising to these types of folks than it is to simply have a company (or contractor on ODesk) find individuals, and to send them customized, tailored sequences of email messages in order to garner a phone call or initial appointment.

All the best, and happy marketing,

– Daniel Faggella

Founder, CLVboost Consultancy

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