Welcome to CLVboost. The "CLV" Stands for Customer Lifetime Value. We Help Clients Drive Sales and Revenue with Strategic Email Marketing, Period.

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Helping businesses see a higher return on their email marketing involves segmenting their audience, engaging them with the right material at the perfect pace, and ultimately moving real business-driving metrics that lift Customer Lifetime Value.

CLVboost is a boutique marketing automation and strategic email market consultancy based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

We help companies turn email marketing into a high-yield business builder, driving consistent engagement and sales. For companies with existing email marketing strategies, we guarantee improvement in core business metrics - from appointments set, to engagement and responsiveness, to eCommerce purchases. For companies getting started with new implementations of email marketing and marketing automation, we advise both on strategy and tactics, as well as the handiwork of setup.

With customized database segmentation and marketing, companies are able to not only keep their existing customers attention but also multiply their responsiveness and spending frequency, building an automated system that’s tailored to Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

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